Historical Rome

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Rome, Italy doesn’t need an introduction. Home to arguably the greatest empire to ever exist the Roman Empire what don’t you know about it? The best place to stay in Rome is in the city center which is home to tens of hotels ranging from 5 star hotels to motels. If you’re bothered by somewhat small rooms and are looking for a place to relax then I recommend going 3+ stars. If you however would like to save money to spend on other tourist sites and more activities and will only need a room to keep your stuff and sleep at night then by all means go for a 2 star hotel or a motel.

Italy is known for its pizza and pasta. Around every corner you’ll find an Italian restaurant, in each building almost you’ll find one. The good pizza places aren’t located in the city center and are more centered around tourist attraction sights so don’t go around buying pizza from anyone who speaks Italian. The best food for me in Italy though was the ice cream. I considered spending every euro I had on ice cream the moment I tasted it. You have a variety of flavors to choose from and that’s not even to say that you’ll get sick of a single flavor. Italy should be better known for having the best ice cream in the world.

If you’re a sports fan you’ll also find the Olympico stadium which is one of the most prestigious football stadiums in Europe and was host to the Champions League final a few years ago. You can also book tickets to see AS Roma play. They are one of the 4 most popular clubs in Italy and are well known around the world especially for their legendary player Totti. Unfortunately Totti retired recently after spending over 2 decades at the club so don’t count on seeing him play.

Of course don’t forget to visit the Vatican which is a beautiful place to see and of course worship if you’re Christian. The columns, statues, and everything about it shouts: ART. St. Peter’s basilica itself is a masterpiece not to mention the Sistine Chapel which will require a more expensive ticket so you can enter it. Of course you can’t visit Rome without going to the Colosseum which is one of my favorite places personally and is a sight to behold. You can just hang out outside it for free and take pictures or pay a ticket and get inside to get a view of where gladiators went head to head a long time ago.

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